Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love is the thread that binds us

When I saw this paper, I knew I had to make cards with it.
So I took out the bias binding, the dress pattern paper, the measuring tapes,
the pinking shears, the seam binding and
the buttons and started playing.
Oh, plus the stamps and the ink!
It was in High school were I learned to sew. I remember we
had to do a lot of hand sewing!
Oh, and the inside had to be as neat as the outside.
Now we are wearing the outside on the inside.
But it was all worth it, all though I still don't like embroidering.

I remember that same teacher that taught the sewing class,
once threw me with a piece of dough,
because I was talking to much in her class.
But we all liked her, she was young and had guts.

My 21st birthday present was a .... sewing machine.
An Elna, made in Switzerland.
It was wonderful. I made curtains, table cloths, dresses,
pillow covers and lots more.

Now I use that same machine to shorten the hems of our trousers
(we are both digits... my husbands version of midgets!)
and to do the sewing that I incorporate in my crafts.

Never pass on a chance to learn a skill!
Keep well and have a good weekend
and remember... love is the thread that binds us all.


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