Monday, January 28, 2013

Altered Tekkies Class - 26 January

This class is a winner!
It is unbelievable how different the tekkies (sneakers) turn out.
Each person has their own vision and by using the colours in the
serviette (napkin) to guide you, you cannot make a mistake.

We started by misting the tekkies with water. Then we applied the
paint. Sometimes one colour, sometimes two.

Then you let the paint dry. In the meantime you cut out the
pictures from the serviettes. Remove the back layers and 
adhere the pictures to the tekkies by using the gel medium.

Allow the gel medium to completely dry before you do your acrylic
paint stamping and your Archival ink stamping.

Remember to dye your shoe laces with the paint as well.

The two tekkies don't have to look exactly the same, but there must be
balance when you place them next to one another.

Even pink on pink worked, although you think it might not!

We added some bling to give it a bit of sparkle.

Thanks girls this was a lovely class.
Hope you have already created a few pairs at home!

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