Thursday, May 17, 2012

Back from Namibia

Hi there bloggers
I've been back home for a while, but things are just moving to fast! 
Here are a few photographs I took on our trip.

I saw a quote on Pinterest that says:

Be brave
Love life

So this is what the photo is all about.
 One afternoon all the girls went for a walk and we took a 
bottle of bubbly to a spot that overlooked half of the desert!
There we sat talking and taking photographs until the sun sets.
Then we found our way back to the house in a better mood than we left!

Each of these photos tells their own story.
The sunsets were absolutely awesome,
the colours of the rocks, the amount of grass, the openness of the dessert,
the mountains and the fresh air.....
This sure was a trip to remember.

As one of my friends says:
Where there is nothing ... there is more.

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