Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wedding wishes

 The title of this page is Wedding Wishes.
 Those wishes don't always come true. So sometimes you need to get new ones,
or alter yours, or adjust them to the new circumstances.

Some quilting material,
a heart doily and a few buttons, make up this page.

Love guides us...
I think that is a good guide to have.Why do some people let power or greed guide them.
They sometimes lose sight of the important things, the things you cannot physically touch.
No one has all the answers. Think before you answer
and do everything with love.

As I look at these pages now, I can see a couple of mistakes I made, some
pages are better looking "layout wise" than other.
But creating them was huge fun and we all learned a lot.

Hope.... something that we all need, and courage...
I used to say when things where difficult...
just give me a small bottle of courage so
that I can start again tomorrow.
Today I have failed, but if I have hope and courage
I'll be ok tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

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