Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Silvesterchlaus...Neujahr Chlaus

In Switzerland it is a tradition for the children to dress up on the 31st of December and go to the neighbours and wish them a Happy New Year. They make the costumes themselves and are proud to show off their handy work.
This is Julius whom I met in July when his dad invited me to an Alphorn blowing lesson. 
Julius and his dad made this whole headpiece. I am amazed!! Look at the detail...
Alida, my friend who is one of the neighbours that he visited, said that he walked with that little flower in his mouth for the whole day!

Here he is on his way to her house, yes... all those stairs has to be shoveled clean
so that she can get to her house, the garage is at the bottom of the stairs... Say no more, just be thankful.

This photo was taken in July when he played in the freshly cut grass.
I wonder what they do when they have show and tell at school to show off their masterpieces?
Julius, you looked wonderful!

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