Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The old (rusk) baking pan.

I was looking for something to display a few rings, so ..... I went searching in my cupboards and

found this beautiful well used rusk baking pan that belonged to my mother in law.
She used to spoil us with buckets full of rusks when we went to visit her. At one stage -
those were the only rusks my hubby wanted to eat!

Just look at the detail, I think that it was handmade...
maybe not, but I know it is very old.
 My mom and dad are also thinking of moving again, so she is throwing out a lot of things.
I know she has some treasures, things like these that I would love to have.

OK... so, I cut five layers of black foam to fit into the tin and glued them together.
(like sandwiches)
For the top layer I made two slits wright through the foam, lengthwise for the
rings to fit into and then glued the top layer to the rest of the foam.

On the outside, I put down some double sided tape. On top of that, two ribbons and then I tied a sugar spoon to the tin and there you have a display box for the rings!
Don't disregard the old things that comes your way, re-use and recycle them.
Keep well.

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