Thursday, April 14, 2011

A story to tell

This morning a friend phoned and after a while asked me what is happening in my life. I replied, "not much at the moment, I don't have a story to tell you...." That was this morning, by 3 o'clock this afternoon it was a different story.
My dog ate some ant poison, my car had a flat battery when I wanted to take her to the vet, so my friend that was here for class had to rush me to the vet. The dog stayed to be treated, my husband came to fix the battery and asked if I could "mom sit" my mother in law tomorrow afternoon and that he had to take refreshments to work tomorrow, because it is his birthday this weekend.
Benice was here at that stage and I could hear her laugh. That is about all you can do when all of this happened in a matter of 4 hours. And in between all of this we are both busy with a project for the Bead Book that needs to be finished by tomorrow! Luckily we are not going to work on the beehives tonight! (yes, that was also on the cards!)


This weekend we are having Fibre Watch Class, so I thought I would show you a picture of what mine looks like. I decided to go for white, grey and pink.

Ok, my dog is fine, for which I am very grateful! The Bead Book projects are looking lovely and
I will buy, and not bake the necessary refreshments for tomorrow (and I have taken some Rescue Remedy), so everything will be ok.


  1. Thank you for the awesome class on Saturday. I enjoyed making my fibre watch & charm bracelet immensely.

  2. Wow Elna! I am so glad that your dog is OK!

    Beautiful watch project! :o)