Monday, April 25, 2011

Reviving an old wooden coathanger

For a long time I have been wanting to do this project. It is fun and easy and the best of all I can now organize my everyday jewellery in a better way!

I saw some old picture frames covered with dictionary paper and
decided to cover the hanger in the same way.

You will need:
a wooden coat hanger
some fancy drawer knobs
a bookplate
dictionary paper
gel medium
glitter spray
two small nails

Do your layout and drill the holes for the drawer knobs.

Cut or tear the dictionary paper into workable pieces.

 Start at the bottom section of the hanger and cover the undersides first.

 Then do the top, rounded sides. Gel only the piece where you want to put down the paper.
I like working with my fingers, so I rub out the air bubbles by putting gel on my fingers and smoothing it out by hand.

Then, cover the back of the hanger.
Let each section dry before you carry on to the next section.

Lastly, cover the front section. I layed out the pieces of paper, did the incisions and the started glueing them down one by one. Cut into the paper that needs to cover a rounded area, it will be easier to get an even and smooth look by doing this. Give the hanger a final coat of gel medium just to seal it.

When everything is dry, find the holes and open them up with an awl.
Spay the hanger with glitter spray and let dry.

Screw on the drawer handles and adhere the bookplate with stamped image.
I also adhered a charm to the bookplate.

 Lastly the bling! And TA... DAAA !

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