Sunday, April 10, 2011

A little shrine

Sometimes I collect things because they mean something, sometimes I just take it because I like it so much. By taking it, I really mean picking it up or taking it from the veld, the dessert, the beach or the forest.
When I cleaned out the studio and moved things around, I built this little shrine from things I have collected. (or received as gifts)

In the little bucket at the left, is some sand from a beach near Mosselbay,
where we spend our holidays.
In the other bucket is some sand from the Kalahari dessert.
A friend of ours has a farm there and the night skies are just magical.
The days are hot and the nights are cold, but the campfires are mesmerizing.
Then in the white vase, I sometimes lite a candle for a friend who needs a prayer.
At the back is a piece of drift wood, also from a place that I love.
The orange crate is an old Ginger beer bottle crate from an antique store in the Cape.
 The little heart was a gift from a friend.
I believe that if I lite a candle for someone... it can make a difference.

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