Tuesday, March 22, 2011

? Lucky Number ?

Hi Everyone
Today was my day for mistakes..... I won't tell you all of them, but there were at least 5!
One of them was trying to publish this post. This is my 3rd attempt.
Here are a few glimpses of Claudine's apron that is still under construction, but looking gorgeous!

After everything that happened today, I think I need some flowers........
so this is for all of you who might feel the same!

Tomorrow we are having an apron class, the FIRST one! 
During this class we will ask someone to draw the lucky number. 
But there was a bit of a mix up. All my fault!
Nr 4, you are now nr 5.
 Nr 5, you are now nr 6. 
I was unsuccessful in leaving a comment on our blog for Lyn, who wanted to enter the competition.
But she is nr 4. This was the email she sent to me, and my reply.

Hi Ladies
I also want to enter the competition but do not have access to any ‘blogging’ sites …
I did your class at Hobby-X – altering a messenger bag – was great fun, thanx for the knowledge.

Kind regards

Lyn Webb
Hi Lyn

I have entered you, your lucky nr is 4.
Keep well and try to go on to the blog!


Sorry Girls for the mix up. But Good LUCK to you all.
Now let me end the day, go to bed and dream of aprons.... or something to make things better!!!

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