Thursday, March 10, 2011


A huge thank you to everyone who came to say hello at Hobby-Ex. I've met a whole bunch of new girls who are very enthusiastic about crafts and the Tekkies were a huge success, thanks to Claudine for spotting the article in a Somerset Magazine over a year ago and telling us that this would be a big hit, and yes, it still is. The Dala Sun paint really works well on the canvas, on the tekkies, the aprons and the messenger bags. The Dala ink mixes well with the new Pearlescent Powder for a shimmering effect when you spray the medium on the canvas. A very little powder goes a long, long way.I REALLY like the powders and they are very well priced.

The girls who attended my Messenger bag class, please send me photos so that I can publish them, they really came out better than mine. I will put you all on our newsletter list, if you don't want to receive the Newsletter, please just unsubscribe.

Getting ready for the show was hectic, and I still wanted to decorate an apron to wear during the show. So Thursday morning I decided that here was no time to paint and I decided to sew. So this is the result.

You can sew on anything you want to. Remember, this was not made for cooking, but for showing off!

Remember, you don't wash a piece of art, but you are welcome to cover it with a layer of Waterproofing Medium, available from Dala. 

Ja, tot 'n stukkie lanternpit!
The blank aprons made from cotton canvas and ready to alter
(in Medium and Large) are available from our shop.
Please order via e-mail, from
A seperate link to the shop will soon be up and running,  
The price for an apron is R 98.95, excluding postage.
The tekkie tutorial will soon be posted!

Thanks for visiting!

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