Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Charming Parcel

This parcel arrived in my mailbox last week, all the way from New York!?  We celebrated International Charm Day on 28 April 2010 - the brainchild of Amber Dawn from Inventive Soul and this parcel was her way of thanking us...

Here is just a sample of the treasures inside.

Amber even made personalised charms for the two of us!  Are we blessed or what?!  The charms measure about 1" each.

These charms measure about a quarter of an inch each.

My favourite - these tiny bottles with even tinier cupcakes inside...  Just to give you a better perspective, look at the size of my thumb (in desperate need of a manicure!?) next to the bottle...  I've encircled the cupcake for your attention.

Thank you to Amber for her vision to start the International Charm Day initiative and especially for spoiling us with her works of art!!

We plan to host another event on the 28th of April this year...


  1. ~*I am excited to hear that you will be celebrating the event with us again this year from SA!*~


    I am so glad that you appreciate the charms! I made them with a lot of <3


  2. Awwww!! What a fabulous package!! Those charms are gorgeous, i love the little glass bottle, hehe! But there are so really lovely ones! Your personalized charms are lovely too. The charm on the left in the top photo looks like a mini pillow! What is it?