Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas 2009 ATC Swap

I've mentioned in my previous post of 27 November 2010, that Elna and I participated in an ATC swap last year.

Here are the five participating artists
Elna, Ilsé, Val, Claudene & Benice

The theme was an Advent Calendar and we divided the 25 days amongst the five of us, which meant that we all had to make 5 "copies" of 5 different ATCs - 125 ACTs in total!!

I also made a "cover" for each of the girls, using wooden angels that I've been saving for a special occasion, making it a total of 130 ATCs!?

The idea for this project came from a project on the 7Gypsies site and was designed by Sande Krieger.  The girls were each given a parcel with all the "ingredients" needed for the 5 ACTs that they had to make, but could still decide if they wanted to stick to Sande's original layout, or make up their own...

"Cover" and ATCs 1 - 4

ATCs  3 - 7

ATCs 8 - 12

ATCs 13 - 17

ATCs 18 - 21

ATCs 22 - 25

Needless to say, we had a "tea" party with strawberry daiquiris and cupcakes to swap out our cards...


  1. I LOVE the photograph, what a nice-looking group you are... and your ATC's are STUNNING. Wow, such a lot of work. A wonderful project. hmmmm, I love those straweberry daiquiris... with cupcakes ? will have to try that one out... hehehe Happy Holidays to you all. I've so enjoyed visiting your blog, always great inspirational projects to view. hugs Sharon

  2. Sounds like fun! :)

    (umm, but what exactly is an ATC? I've seen it mentioned on other blogs before as well...)