Sunday, September 26, 2010

Turn within

I have just returned from a two week "Road-trip" here in South Africa.

Leon (my husband), Willem (a friend) and I decided last year that we wanted to travel from Pretoria to the Western Cape and visit all the small towns that we usually shoot past on our way to the coast.  We wanted to take the "road less traveled" and go on mountain passes, eat with the locals, take photos and grow our appreciation for this beautiful land of ours.  

One of the towns we visited, was McGregor.  There is a beautiful spiritual retreat in town, called Temenos. I was fortunate to attend a "Painting Inside Out" workshop (presented by Ellen Norbu) there about seven years ago.  At the time photography was not really "my thing", so I saw our 2010 visit as the ideal opportunity to capture some of Temenos' beauty through my camera lens...

Amongst the flowers in the garden, I found this sign

It led to a building, called "Temore".  On Temenos' website they describe it as
"a small six-sided domed sacred space, surrounded by roses and iridescent stained glass windows of cascading light.  It does not represent any particular religion or path, but rather the inner temple of your own heart.  Outside Temore, a sign beside the curving pathway invites you to ‘Turn Within’ - to enter your own inner garden with all its unfolding beauty and hidden treasure, and attune to the living Love-Presence within".

When I opened the door, this is the image that welcomed me...  The space is no more than 2m x 2m (5' x 5') and has the bluest of blue light inside (almost periwinkle or a deep lavender).

May your week be filled with light, love, laughter and lots of creative inspiration.

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  1. How absolutely beautiful, gosh and just on my doorstep... will have to take the road less travelled to view these beautiful sights. Thanks for sharing Benice. It's wet and cold in Cape Town, hope the sun is shining your part of the world. hugs Sharon