Monday, August 2, 2010

Through my eyes

Sometimes we need to take stock to see what we are all about. We are so busy and sometimes we don't think we matter much to other people.
Ouma San, my grandmother came to my wedding when she was 88. My grandfather had already passed away. She flew for the first time and said that the aeroplane was a bit slow. She washed her hair with Body and Bounce so she could look good the day of the wedding. She was 30 years older than my mom. My mom was 58 and I was 28 when I got married.
Every December we went to visit Ouma San and Oupa Pieter in Stellenbosch, at least for two weeks each time. Me and my two sisters kept ourselves busy by helping my grandfather on the farm, eating pine kernels and watching him feed the doves every afternoon at five. I remember the smell in the garage the smell in the pantry, the lights at Christmas and visiting relatives, but I can't remember much about my grandmother as a person. What was her likes and dislikes, what colour did she like and what was her favourite food? So I had all these questions about her, and then I decided to make an album about myself. So if someone one day misses me or wants to know more about me.... they can have a look at this album to remember me.

The title of the album is: Through my eyes. There are only three photographs in the album. One of me and my little Vlooi, the Jack Russel. One of my favourite wall in the house, where I've put up a few things that I really like and then the cover photo. This photo was edited in Photoshop and printed on a transparency, so that you can 'see' my life through my eyes.

I took out this album the other day when someone asked me if I am a "label girl."
My answer was: No, not really. But I think I am an undercover label queen, because when I was busy making this album I decided to use all the labels that I never wanted to throw away. There was so many that I could even tie them to the ring binders. I made pockets to keep extra stuff, added extra pages and made envelopes to keep secrets.

So what I really want to say is,
Scrap yourselves girls, you are special and someone, one day, will wonder about you.
Have a wonderful day.

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