Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shoes for a wedding

Every women knows that there is a huge difference between a size 7 shoe and a size 4 shoe. My feet are small and I've got issues with shoes. I like comfortable shoes that I can stand in for the whole day, leather shoes with soft innersoles are great. But for some occasions you cannot wear 'those' comfortable shoes, like for a wedding. Today I went looking, because my sister's daughter is getting married soon and I need good looking shoes. My heels are very seldom higher than 4cm, but smart shoes never has medium heels unless they look like shoes for the over 60's, (and I am not there yet!)

So, back to my issues: I tried on a pair of good looking shoes, but the heels were very high, at least 8cm, so I pulled out the box with the size 7 shoes and put the size 4 next to it ..... and the heels were the same height! WHY? 
What are the shoe designers not getting? Or is it the manufacturers? Are they saving money by using the same heel for every shoe? And while I am at it, Why don't they make half sizes any more!?
Ok, now that I've shared that with you, I feel better, but I still don't have shoes for the wedding... but I will keep looking.
Have a great week.

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