Monday, May 3, 2010

Our next Class

After many requests from our friends and clients, Elna and I have finalised the dates for the "Test Tube Canvas" class...

You can choose between 18 and 22 May!! Check out the "Classes & Events" links on the right --->

Here is Elna's take on the canvas.

I just love the beading stuff she's used on the cork tops!

Metal mesh, antique sequins and pins.

A bead cap adds interest to the bottom of the test tube. Rayon ribbon and glass leaves complete the look!?

Go to our entry of April 8th if you want to see more examples...

Hope to see you on the 18th or 22nd of May - email us to book if you battle to do it through our blog...

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  1. I love these and take part in a monthly art group where we each teach something - would you mind emailing me with how you attach the tubes to canvas and any class details you could share - they are precious!