Saturday, May 29, 2010

Market day

I was looking forward to the market for more than a week. It is The Irene Village Market and it takes place every second and last Saturday of the month. Normally my Saturdays are spent teaching but things are changing and I had the day off. 
 My first stop was the Deli section and the guy from Baker Boys was still unpacking these muffins! I was speechless. I took some photos and bought one each of these, I think the top ones are lemon cheesecake......... say no more... it even had some real cheesecake inside! The other one I bought was a carrot and white chocolate one, with nice and sticky brown sugar on top....... I am still licking my lips!

Hendrien from Wow Cow has been making handbags for ages, now she started making these flowers and they are selling like hot cakes. She uses the same leather as for the handbags but magically turns them into flower broaches, using Springbok skin, beads, wire and buttons.

Even the long stem flowers are so colourful.
 Ok, and then I had to find the best looking cupcakes at the market..... 

This stall was so busy that when I asked for a business card, Lindie only gave me a piece of paper with her name and cellphone number.
Then over to the antique section were there was this beautiful old teapot and cups, which I am sure would tell a few tales it could. After being outdoors for the morning and experiencing  the market atmosphere again I am ready for the rest of the weekend.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE cupcakes and tea, so will enjoy browsing your blog. Love this rose teapot and teacups set - my dream to own one one day! hugs Sharon