Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I am thankful

Hi everyone
I am back from a well deserved break. We went camping in Natal and it was great. Sun, sea, good friends and great food, what more can you want. Today I spent the day cleaning the camping gear, doing the laundry (but only doing 6 loads), welcoming my mother in law for a 5 day visit, helping my niece with her wedding invitations and celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary. I think I need another holiday!
My 87 year old mother in law's is a wonderful person and she has Alzheimer's. When we discussed her age during dinner, she said that she can't believe that she is 87, because she still feels sweet sixteen!
I decided to tell her about our Blog. So as she sat next to me, in front of the computer, I explained to her what a Blog is. How the Internet works and that there is two of us creating the Blog. She sat there shaking her head, but she tried hard to understand the whole concept. But in the end she said: "So it is all make believe." Tomorrow I will probably have to explain everything again, but I will do so gladly, because it is a blessing to still have her in our lives.

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  1. Elna, you are so right, every minute with a loved one is a blessing that we take to lightly and regret the missed moments when they pass on. Cherish her and spoil her.....