Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A project with my friend.

 After our trip to France I went to Switzerland to visit my friend Alida,
who is a -Boertjie- that has been living over there for about 30 years. 
Feeling very creative I showed her how to decoupage a small chair in a very easy way.
(Remember the coat hanger? This is done in the same way.)

Look at the absolute stunning view from our "studio"! 

First we sanded the chair to get rid of the varnish and to create a tooth for the gel. We aged the dictionary paper with strong tea, let it dry and then teared it into strips that would fit onto the chair.
 Sometimes it is easier to use your fingers to get the gel into the corners and odd places, before sticking down the paper. Remember to use your decoupage roller to get rid of the air bubbles. To protect and seal the chair, finish off with a layer of gel medium.

There is another chair up in the attic,
I wonder if she had time to finish it? 

Joseph a friend of theirs, invited me to play the Alphorn.
So one afternoon we walked over to his house near the woods. 
I tried.. and managed to produce a sound, but not a very good one!

He normally practice at about six in the evening.
Most evenings we could hear the sound coming
from the forest .... and it was magical.

This picture was taken in his garden.

 ..... and this one on the way back home, to Alida.

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  1. Great pictures you are so fortunate to do so much travelling.Love that postcard view