Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Special Birthday

During the month of July, Benice had a very important birthday,
 so we celebrated it during the trip.  Margaret and Ana also celebrated their birthdays.
So one dinner was specially set aside to surprise them all.
 Nesse made the dinner and baked a cake.
Dale brought in the candles and we all joined in the singing.
The cake was Divine!

The photographs clockwise: On the airport ready to fly to France
The surprise birthday dinner.
Benice in the linen shop.
Rosemary, Suzi and Benice in the Woad Shop.
Elna in the Sunflower restaurant.
The whole group.
Benice in front of the linen shop.
Benice in the Sunflower Restaurant.

I told you that the whole trip was an overload.
The colours are just awsome.
Here are a few photos to show you how well
behaved and colourful the vegetables were.
 The tomatoes are just to much! ALL ripe at the same time,
all the same size and none of them are bad?!
Have a good weekend and stay warm.

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