Monday, June 8, 2015

What a journey

125 more views and we will have 80 000 views
What a highlight!!

Thank you 
Thank you 
and one more humble
Thank you !

This is now five years and 320 posts later.
Benice and I really enjoyed our journey.
We learned, laughed, cried, painted, planned
and packed a lot.
And we stitched a few things together.

Things change and life moves in different directions
so today will be my last post on this blog.

Benice will still be creating, sewing and writing

I will still be blogging, sharing, teaching and creating.
So now I want to introduce you to my new blog.

As with many things, the grey ladder has a story.
My Grandfather made this ladder over 90 years ago.
He made it out of Bamboo and wood.
He used it a lot and when he passed away it was
 left unused and in storage for a long time.
When we built my studio I knew I wanted this ladder
to hang from the roof.
So now it is in its new place and every one that visits the studio
notices it. So what better name for my studio than
The Grey Ladder.

Back to Between Cupcakes and Tea,
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There are many things we shared with you
over the past 5 years, please browse through
the blog and enjoy.

Keep well.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Fabric Collage Book Covers

Last week Thursday we made book covers.
I send the girls an image of what my book cover looked like
and for the class they also brought along small elements
that they wanted to use on their fabric collage.

This collage cover was made by Kim.
I like the way that she embroidered over the 
"Handmade by" sign. 

This one  was made by Esther.
Look at the small pin and the beads that she used
and the lace to cover the top.

This one was made by Gail. She will use the green dotted fabric
to make the cover of the book and then use this collage as the the front cover.
We all enjoyed the class.
Thanks Girls!

Tomorrow is our Market Day.
This is the link to the Facebook page.

You are welcome to join us!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Shrink Plastic

A friend of mine contacted me and said that she 
sells the Lucky Squirrell shrink plastic brand 
and that she has stock at the moment!
Please feel free to contact her at:

her name is Niki.

We are preparing for a house market on Saturday
and I am changing the name of my 
business, so it is new 
branding and business cards !!

I still need to work on it a bit.
Keep well !

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Crepe Paper Flowers

I attended a flower making class and
it was so much fun!
It is something I can get hooked on.

I am definitely going to try this
and make my own. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shrink Plastic and Felt Broaches

I know shrink plastic is hard to find at the moment.
So if you find some, buy some and hold onto it.
It can be cut with scissors or with your 
Spellbinder or Sizzex dies.

Here are the tools that I used to make the broaches.

Co-ordinate your felt colours with your embroidery thread colours.
A bead needle and two strands of embroidery
thread will make your life easy when you
sew on the seed beads.

I used Sharpies to colour the images on the shrink plastic.
Remember if you do the colouring before you shrink the plastic,
you will have very intense colour.
The step by step of these broaches are in the 12th edition 
of the Creative Hobbies magazine that are on sale at the moment.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Felt Broaches in Purple and Pink

Tomorrow I am attending a Flower making class.
I am going to learn how to make huge 
flowers out of Crepe paper.
I am very excited. Hope to share my creations with you!

These are the felt broaches that I am busy making 
for an upcoming market.
 I think they would also look lovely on a headband.
Felt was never really my "thing" but
I really like doing the free hand embroidering on it. 

On my studio table I have a few projects going.
Cards for an upcoming class,
a decorated tin that is nearly finished 
and the art journal techniques and samples
for the students.

Have a creative weekend. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Art Journal Creative Hobbies 11

When you do a step by step for a tutorial, you take a lot of photos!
Here are a few more photographs of the Art Journal that I made for the magazine.

Here are most of the supplies that I used.

For all the pages of the Journal I used a 200 gsm
mixed media pad. This paper can take the punch!
You ink, stencil stamp and emboss.

The ink process is wet and you do both sides of the paper,
so you need a good quality paper.

Anything can also be added to your Journal.
Envelopes, craft paper dividers and scrap pieces of papers,
Have a look at Issue 11 for more info on this project.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Art Supplies for Art Journaling Class

Art Journaling is a way to express yourself....without
any criticism.
There are no deadlines, there are no rules.
You can use what you want 
and create what you want.

These are my absolute basics. 

A4 Heavy duty mixed media pad
Micron pens
Aqaurelle pencils
Water colour paints.

If you feel like creating, writing, doodling, drawing, scribbling,
painting, stenciling, texturing, gluing, spraying, stitching,
cutting and playing..... you are invited! 

We will start off with one class a month. 
One for the girls who can make it on a Thursday
and one for the girls that can make it on a Saturday. 

Here are the dates:

18 June
16 July
20 August 
17 September
15 October
19 November
all classes 09:00 - 12:00

 20 June
18 July
 22 August
19 September
17 October
21 November
all classes 10:00 - 13:00

I will teach you the basics:
Where to get inspiration
how to create a background
how to use the different products
and a new technique each month

The aim of the class is to learn how to be comfortable to create
and find your own style.

( if you don't have a style yet, don't worry!
if you miss a class, don't worry !)

 Available for class use:
die cuts and machines
embossing folders
and all the other non consumables

You need two things to start with:
A4 mixed media paper pad (photo)
Micron pen. 0.4

Reply by e-mailing me.

I hope you all look forward to start expressing
yourself on paper!